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Global Warming

Global warming is a term that’s used to describe gradual increases in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans.

There has long been enough scientific evidence to suggest that the Earth is warming and many theories exist on how this process could have catastrophic consequences for future generations ahead.

In this section we take a look at the various topics relating to global warming such as the effects we are already experiencing as a result of this phenomenon.

What is Global Warming?

Global warming and climate change are terms used to describe the rise in the average temperature of the earth.

A car exhaust.

Ways to Prevent Global Warming

Discover the ways in which we can help to prevent global warming and its potential impacts in the years to come.

The Canadian flag in front of snow capped mountains.

Global Warming and Canada

Find out how global warming is impacting the different areas of Canada, including its impact on Canada’s wildlife.

Crops struggling to grow which is an effect of global warming.

Effects of Global Warming

View information on the numerous effects of global warming including what these mean for the future of the earth.

A glacier that is melting which is a consequence of global warming.

Consequences of Global Warming

Discover the consequences that global warming could have across the globe if this phenomena continues in years to come.

Dry land that has been caused by global warming.

Causes of Global Warming

Information on the potential causes of global warming touching on topics related to energy production and other man-made causes.