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Solar Energy

Solar energy is a term that’s used to describe the radiant energy emitted by the sun. This energy can be harnessed by a variety of renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and solar hot water systems.

In this section you’ll find various articles covering different topics surrounding solar energy.

A sunset in India showing solar energy.

Solar Energy In India

Find out how India is embracing the use of solar energy in order to become a world leader in renewable energy consumption.

Solar energy been produced for a house.

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

An interesting look at the many different pros and cons of solar energy in order to find out what makes this energy source so popular.

A solar energy system installed to a home.

Home Solar Energy Systems

Discover how home solar energy systems can provide both electricity and hot water for your home.

A cloudy sky showing the disadvantages of solar energy.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Discover the disadvantages of solar energy and the process of converting solar energy into usable electricity.