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Advantages of Solar Power

Solar power is electricity that is derived from the sun and there are many benefits associated with its use. This article takes a look at the advantages of solar power and the benefits it can provide.

The Advantages

Below you will find many of the advantages associated with the use of solar power.

1 – It Can Save You Money

Apart from the initial cost and maintenance fees of solar panels, generating electricity from solar energy is completely free. This means that for the operational lifetime of a solar panel, it will be busy saving you money on your electricity bills whilst also providing a pay back on your initial investment. Although there is a long pay back period, a typical solar panel installation will still provide a return on investment (ROI) in a matter of years.

2 – There’s No Pollution

Solar panels do not produce any pollution whatsoever. The only pollution that is generated in relation to a solar panel is during the transportation and manufacturing of solar cells and also during the mining of the materials required to produce them.

3 – It Can Power Remote Locations

Solar power is ideal for providing a source of electricity in locations where it may be either impossible, impracticable or uneconomical to install a mains electricity supply. This can include remote locations, garden sheds and also various devices such as garden lighting. A prime example of this can be seen in space where highly advanced solar panels are used to provide a source of electricity for various satellites and also the international space station.

4 – It’s Renewable

Solar power is completely renewable. Although the sun does go down at night-time, it’s guaranteed to come up the next day. This process will occur for as long as life can be supported on earth and means that we’ll be able to benefit from the use of solar energy for the rest of our lifetimes unlike fossil fuels which are a non-renewable energy source and will eventually run out.

5 – There’s No Noise

Solar panels have the advantage that they produce no noise when generating electricity. This can make solar panels more attractive to home-owners who may have been considering a domestic wind turbine which would have produced significant noise pollution. Whether you opt for a solar panel or a wind turbine will however depend on the environment of where you live as these devices are suited to specific environmental conditions.

6 – There’s Little Maintenance

Solar panels require little maintenance. As there are no moving parts in a solar power system, there is little to go wrong with a system that has been installed professionally using the best quality components. The only frequent maintenance associated with solar panels is the annual cleaning of the panels themselves which can often be performed by the property owner depending where they are installed.

7 – Reduces Dependency on Fossil Fuels

Solar power helps to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. As non-renewable fossil fuels will one day run out, we can at least install technologies today that help to prolong the life of fossil fuels. This can also help to provide energy security.


So there we have the advantages of solar power and the ways it can benefit our lives. Not only can it help to save us money, it is also a clean and renewable form of electricity that requires little maintenance and helps to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.