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Articles by Clean Energy Ideas

The Clean Energy Ideas website was launched in early 2007. Its aim is to provide educational information on solar, wind, geothermal, and many other renewable energy sources.

Since the launch of Clean Energy Ideas, its creator (James Bratley) has been busy expanding the site by writing content on new topics. This includes everything from recycling through to global warming.


Recycling Bins

Recycling bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and different bins can be provided for a wide variety of recycling functions.

Three recycling bins used for different materials.

Financing Renewable Energy

Discover the different channels you can use to finance your renewable energy project including potential grants available in your country.

A renewable energy installation that might have needed financing.

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

Have you ever wondered what solar hot water heating systems can mean for your home? This article provides a deeper look at these systems in general.

A solar hot water heating system installed to a house.

Solar Powered Fountains

Solar powered fountains can be an attractive addition to any home or garden. Discover how these devices can add beauty to your home.

A solar powered fountain

DIY Solar Electricity

Dot it yourself solar electricity kits are perfect for providing small amounts of electricity in remote locations.

Somebody installing a do it yourself (DIY) solar electricity system.

The Uses of Wind Energy

Learn about the different uses of wind energy and how we have benefited from wind as an energy source for a very long time.

A kite that is using the wind's energy to fly.

How Wind Turbines Work

Wind turbines are a familiar sight in many countries across the globe, but have you ever wondered how a wind turbine actually works? This article will help you understand just that.

How wind turbines work.

Environmental Impacts of Hydroelectric Dams

Learn about how hydroelectric dams have some significant environmental impacts that can have severe consequences for the biological, chemical and physical properties of rivers and their surrounding landscapes.

A picture showing the environmental impacts of a hydroelectric dam.

Tire Recycling

Tire recycling is an important process that helps keep our environment clean, tidy and free from potentially toxic waste.

A stack of tires that could be recycled.

Wind Energy Definition

Take a look at this definition of wind energy and the accompanying information on the subject of wind energy and wind power.

A wind turbine harnessing wind energy.

Recycling Symbols

Confused about the many different recycling symbols used today? Find out what these symbols actually mean and the types of products they identify.

A collection of widely used recycling symbols.

Cheap Gas & Electricity

Find out how you can save money on your energy bills by conserving energy or switching to an alternative supplier.

A gas cooker showing energy usage.

Natural Gas Energy

An interesting look at natural gas energy and how this can be used to generate electricity on a large scale.

Pipelines transferring natural gas.

What Are Wind Turbines?

New to the world of wind turbines and need to know what they actually are? This article explains what wind turbines are.

Four wind turbines on top of a hill.
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