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Biomass Energy (Bioenergy)

Biomass energy (Bioenergy) is a renewable energy source derived from organic matter. This can include recent living organisms and other biological substances such as animal and plant byproducts.

This section of our website features a variety of Bioenergy articles. Learn more about what Bioenergy actually is and how it can help the planet.


Uses of Biomass Energy

This article looks at how biomass is used around the world and what makes it such a versatile renewable energy source.

Is Biomass Renewable?

Is biomass renewable or nonrenewable? Take a look at this article to learn about the arguments on both sides of the debate.

Logs and wood chips are a renewable form of biomass.

8 Examples of Biomass

Read our article covering eight different biomass examples and how they can be used with bioenergy technologies.

Wood pellets are one of the main biomass examples.

What Is Biomass Energy?

Learn more about what biomass actually is. Discover its main sources and the different types of energy it can produce.

A biomass energy plant.