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The Kerr hydroelectric dam in Montana, USA.

Hydroelectricity Facts

This article provides some interesting information and facts on hydroelectricity which is a very clean and highly efficient source of power.

A hydroelectric power facility that is in use.

Where Is Hydroelectricity Used?

Ever wondered where hydroelectricity is used? This article takes a look at the many different countries and regions that make use of this clean and renewable power source.

An image of the Pelton Impulse Turbine invented and patented in 1880.

The Invention of Hydroelectricity

This article takes a look at the invention of hydroelectric power and how this form of clean and renewable electricity has evolved over the years.

A picture showing the environmental impacts of a hydroelectric dam.

Environmental Impacts of Hydroelectric Dams

Learn about how hydroelectric dams have some significant environmental impacts that can have severe consequences for the biological, chemical and physical properties of rivers and their surrounding landscapes.

The Glen Canyon Dam producing hydropower on the Colorado River.

What Is Hydropower?

Hydropower (or hydroelectric power) is a term used to refer to electricity that is produced by harnessing the kinetic energy of flowing water. Learn more about this process with the help of this article.