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A solar panel being used to provide power in a garden.

What Are Solar Panels Used For?

Solar panels can be used to produce electricity that can be used in a variety of ways. This article takes a look at what solar panels are actually used for.

Solar roof tiles blending in with existing roof slates.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar panels have come a long way since they were first introduced. Take a look at how manufacturers can now produce solar roof tiles that can be incorporated into the design of a building.

A golf cart that could run on solar panels.

Solar Panels For Golf Carts

Solar panels can be used to power golf carts. This modern solution is available as a viable alternative to gas powered golf carts or battery powered carts that are charged via the mains.

A factory line where solar panels are made.

How Solar Panels Are Made

Ever wondered how solar panels are made? This article takes a look at the entire process from manufacturing the components to the assembly of the panel.

A diagram of a solar panel.

Solar Panel Diagram

If you’ve ever wondered how a solar panel works, why not take a look at our solar panel diagram. The diagram shows the process of converting solar energy to electricity.

Solar panels fitted to a recreational vehicle (RV)

RV Solar Panels

Fitting solar panels to a recreational vehicle (RV) is perfect for accessing a source of electricity in remote locations where power points for your RV may be unavailable.

A basic solar panel that can be bought.

Buying Solar Panels

If you’re looking into buying solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint then this article can help you understand what options are available to you when purchasing solar panels.

Solar power panels in a field.

Solar Power Panels

Solar power panels are perfect for providing a source of clean, cheap and renewable electricity for a variety of uses including in homes, businesses and in remote locations of the globe.

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