Global Warming and Canada

Global warming and Canada is fast becoming a popular topic for debate on climate change. This article highlights some of the most relevant arguments for and against global warming in Canada.

Some of the main effects of global warming are visible in the most remote northern regions of Canada. Sea ice is taking longer to form in the winter months and as a result is having a significant impact on the polar bear.

Polar bears are spending an increased level of time living on Canadian land high up in the arctic, reducing the amount of time they spend hunting over the polar sea ice. As the polar bear can only hunt consistently over sea ice, this is starting to have a significant impact on the population of polar bears.

Some critics of global warming say there are many positive effects which may very well outweigh the negatives. These critics see the melting of polar sea ice as an important economical advantage for the future of Canada’s economy.

New species of animals and insects are beginning to appear with reported first time sightings of mosquito’s in Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

Increased deforestation is been seen across Canada’s lush forests but not due to increased logging or forest fires, instead the culprit is the mountain pine beetle. The population of this voracious beetle has exploded due to warmer weather across many of the Canadian regions, leaving millions of acres of forest affected as trees begin to die.

Warmer winters have become a noticeable effect of global warming on Canada with pleasant weather replacing bitterly cold snaps on a more common occurrence. This is welcomed by some of the residents of Canada’s many regions, but what does this mean for citizens such as the Inuit who’s livelihoods rely on the cold weather.

With warmer weather, Canada is beginning to see the ever famous “ice roads” thawing out for a longer period of the year. This is having an impact on the delivery of supplies for not only industry and businesses, but also remote populations who rely on these ice roads.

It is clear that global warming and Canada is going to be a hot topic for the future of climate change as the process begins to threaten Canada’s heritage to a greater extent.