Solar Panel Definition

Solar Panel

A device that is used to convert radiant solar energy into electrical current. (noun)

Additional Information On Solar Panels

The solar panel definition above is simple and easy to understand. Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity on a small scale.

Solar panels are commonly named solar cells or photovoltaic cells.

A photovoltaic module is an interconnected collection of cells combined into one item.

Solar modules allow for a wide range of varying sizes of solar panel products to be manufactured.

When a number of solar or photovoltaic modules are installed together, this is commonly referred to as a solar array or photovoltaic array.

Arrays are a great way to increase the potential of a solar electricity system, to provide a greater output of electricity.

The image above would be named a “solar panel” in most cases, however, the above image shows a solar module, which is a collection of interconnected solar panels/cells (mentioned above). If there were to be several solar modules like the one shown above connected together, then this would be a solar array.

The use of solar/photovoltaic panels allows us to generate electricity in remote corners of the earth, or outer-space. This can be extremely useful when there is no other source of electricity in the specific area.

There are two main forms of solar panels which are able to achieve different goals. The most common is the solar electricity cell (shown above). A different design of solar panels which are increasing in popularity all the time isĀ solar water heating panels, which can be used to provide all or part of a building’s hot water supply, heat swimming pools, or be used for other purposes.

When using solar electricity panels, there will most likely be some form of battery storage attached to the system. This allows for the storage of electricity (produced through the day) to be used at a later date (such as at night).

Solar cells can be a great way to provide a boost to your electricity supply in a range of different global locations, while also helping to lower your electricity bills, and helping the fight against climate change.

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