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Renewable Energy Related Links

This page contains a selection of external resources providing additional information or services relating to renewable energy and the environment. Before a resource is placed on this page it is checked for suitability. If you encounter unsuitable content on a website accessible via this page then please notify us via the contact page.

Please Note: We have now launched a dedicated resource section which contains a more current and up to date list of resources.

Natural & Renewable Energy Links

AES – Alternative Energy Sources
The alternative energy sources section of this website is full of useful information discussing the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy, solar energy and gasoline alternatives.

ManagEnergy is an initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, which aims to support the work of actors working on energy efficiency and renewable energies at the local and regional level.

Solar Energy

Solar Always
Your all-inclusive guide in exploring the advantages of solar panels.

Wind Energy

SEaB Energy
SEaB Energy are a designer, manufacturer and installer of small wind turbines throughout the UK.

Wind Stuff Now
One of our favourite links is the very hands on website of wind stuff now. This website is well worth a look if you are interested in the DIY aspect regarding renewable energy technologies.


Green & Sustainable Living

Neutral Existence
Committed to creating sustainability in our current society, Neutral Existence are demonstrating how easy and cost effective it can be to become carbon neutral.

Nature & The Environment

Environment Directory, Waste Management, Water Resources, Wildlife
Providing environment resources, hazardous substance management, natural disaster, natural disaster, water resources and more.