Free Solar Panels

A selection of companies has been providing free solar panels for homeowners in the UK over recent years. This scheme is reliant upon government subsidiaries for feed-in tariffs which allow solar energy installation companies to sell your excess electricity back to the grid and receive a source of income that will in time pay for the costs they incurred for the installation and maintenance of your system.

This scheme in effect allows solar energy installation companies to rent your rooftop by providing you a source of free solar electricity as a form of payment. Although these deals can be less advantageous than paying for solar panels and directly receiving the income from the feed-in tariffs yourselves, they offer an affordable solution for homeowners who don’t have the required funds for a solar panel installation but would still like a source of renewable electricity.

An added benefit of opting for an installation under a free solar panels scheme is that in many cases you will be provided with free maintenance for the lifespan of the panels which can in some cases be up to 25 years. This can take the worry out of potential future maintenance costs of a system that many people don’t fully understand the workings of.

It’s important to remember that some companies may require an initial payment that’s sometimes only a fraction of the price of the system once installed. Be sure to check the small print on any contracts you may sign up to in order to be aware of any costs you may incur.

Free solar panel schemes are the ideal solution for bringing solar electricity to the masses. This can help to reduce our dependency on decreasing fossil fuel reserves whilst providing numerous environmental benefits.

Governmental Free Solar Panel Schemes

In addition to renewable energy companies supply free solar panels and receiving a source of income from feed-in tariffs, there has been a selection of pilot schemes in the past where governments have provided free solar panels for homeowners.

An example of these schemes can be found in Northern Ireland where the government installed hot water solar panels for free to around 500 homes during 2007 in an attempt to cut water heating bills by as much as £100 a year.

You can reduce your electricity bills through the use of solar technologies and other renewable energy technologies, you just have to decide on the right option to make the most from your geographical location.

If you are to undergo a large renewable energy project incorporating either; solar panels, wind turbines or geothermal systems, then it is worth checking with your local council to see if there are any government grants available that could help with the financing of renewable energy projects.