RV Solar Panels

RV’s (recreational vehicles) and also known as “motor homes” are perfect for those who travel frequently. You’re able to take part of your home with you and can often connect to a power outlet at the majority of RV parks in order to provide electricity for on-board appliances such as televisions and heating systems.

The main drawback to recreational vehicles is what happens when you want to explore and have to park up in remote locations overnight where handy power outlets may be unavailable. Enter the RV solar panel, a traditional solar power system that can be fitted to a range of motor homes in order to generate electricity on the move. The beauty of these devices is that they are able to generate power in any location, provide there is an adequate source of sunlight.

What’s The Cost of an RV Solar Power System?

The cost of solar kits for recreational vehicles can be anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the capacity you require to run your chosen appliances. You can often pick these up from online stores to fit yourself or have a specialist fit these for you.

RV solar panels come in a variety of forms from small starter kits to solar array extensions for use when adding capacity to a current RV solar electricity system.

How Are Solar Panels Attached to a Motorhome?

The most common way of attaching solar panels to motorhomes is by fixing them to the roof. This is done by using mounts that are screwed into the roof of an RV. The downside to this method is that you have to drill holes into your vehicle and this is likely going to ruin its resale value. Not only can this process affect the value of your motor home, it requires a certain degree of skill in order for the job to be done right.

An alternative to roof mounted RV solar panels is a mobile solar electricity kit. The downside to this method is that the kit requires storage space when travelling and can take time to assemble at your destination. This method eliminates the need to drill holes into your motorhome which helps to retain the value of your motorhome.

Another advantage of mobile solar electricity kits is that they won’t be permanently fixed to your vehicles roof. This allows you to swap the system between RV’s should you have more than one or when you come to swap your current RV for a newer model.

Other Mobile RV Power Sources

Some RV owners have found that by combining a small wind turbine with a solar panel installation, they are able to provide a reliable and significant source of electricity through the use of both solar and wind energy. Should solar or wind energy be too unpredictable for your peace of mind then other options are available such as generators, however these will require a fuel source to run which means additional cost.