Solar Panels For Golf Carts

The installation of solar panels to golf cars can be a great statement on the environment for golf clubs. Solar power charging systems for golf car batteries have been proven to save the battery of the buggy, while reducing the running costs.

Solar carts charge up the battery during the day, providing a source of green electricity.

There have been a number of commercial designs available for quite some time, yet the number of golf clubs purchasing these designs is quite low.

Although golf buggy’s don’t use anywhere near the same amount of energy compared to a regular car, they can help the environment, and be a good investment.

The usual design is to place solar cells on the roof of the golf cart, and link them to the battery.

The rooftop design aids efficiency, as long as they’re aren’t any obstacles up above (such as trees).

Currently, gas and electric powered golf carts are the design of choice, but solar panel golf carts really do have their advantages, and should be strongly considered by any golf clubs in suitable locations.

As hydrogen fuel cells are researched by automobile companies, we could expect to see this alternative fuel source added to the list.

Hydrogen is much more environmentally friendly than the average gas or electricity models, and we could also possibly begin to see hybrid golf buggy’s in the not too distant future.


  • Solar powered golf carts can greatly reduce running costs for golf clubs, due to electricity or gas usage reductions.
  • Roof-top mounted solar panels on golf buggy’s ensures for a good rate of efficiency of the solar cells.
  • Solar panels on golf carts make a great statement to your current members, and could also be a deciding factor for future members.
  • Some solar panel designs for golf carts allow for the golf cart battery to last longer, this also reduces costs for replacements.