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Solar Power Panels

Solar power panels in a field.

You may be aware of solar power panels and how they can be a very good source of renewable electricity, but you may not be aware of how to integrate these solar panels into your home.

Here we shall discuss the basic methods and steps you can take for solar power panel installation.

First of all, you need to gather the right equipment for the job.

The equipment you may need includes; solar panels (cells), cables, mounting devices, tools and any safety equipment you may require.

When you have gathered all the equipment you require (your solar cell manufacturer or supplier can guide you on this step), you need to draw a detailed plan of how you are able to connect a solar power panel to your home, as this will be a great reference for use during the installation.

The plan should include information about where you are fixing the panel, for example, on your roof, and how you plan to do this. You should be aware of any running cables that already exist around your workspace, to prevent any accidental electrocution.

It is usually a wise idea to install solar roof panels with the aid of a builder, roof specialist, and/or an electrician.

It is even better to integrate the installation of a solar energy system with additional building work been carried out on your roof, as this minimises disruption, and could prevent you from having to rip up tiles etc.

The most common method for installing solar panels is to fix the individual panel or number of panels, to mounting guides that run horizontally across your roof, then fix the panels to these guides (like a train track), as shown below.

We do understand that the roof option may not be a very good idea, for example if you live in a high rise flat or apartment and do not have permission to construct any object on the roof. In this case we suggest utilizing any space outside your window, such as a balcony.

Any south facing area that receives adequate lighting during the day is recommended. If this is still not possible, we suggest installing a small, home wind turbine which may produce less electricity, but can still be of great use in specific locations.

We have seen solar installations on much larger scales be constructed on the edge of steep south facing hills, in areas such as Portugal.

We strongly suggest hiring a professional builder, architect, roof specialist, electrician, or a solar panel installation specialist to help you with your project.