Portable Solar Power

The great advantage of solar energy is the ability to generate portable solar power in many locations which receive adequate light from the sun.

We have seen great examples of this solar power in portable solar panels attached to satellites in space.

Another great example of portable solar energy is the use of solar cells on recreational vehicles.

This is a great idea for many RV owners as an RV solar panel addition may make your holiday cheaper and more enjoyable.

New inventions are coming out on an increasing basis, which offer new ways in which we can use this portable solar power.

Recently, we have seen the portable solar i-pod chargers for sale, these are important technologies which could play a key role in the future for charging our modern day appliances.

As new electronic devices are invented and put on the market, such as mobile phones, mp3 players etc, we need more and more people to invest in solar powered battery charger kits in an attempt to offset the additional power consumption.

You may think that new electronic devices don’t use enough electricity for you to worry about, and you would be right, but when you add up the amount of people who will buy and use these devices, the issue becomes a serious one.

Portable solar power is something everyone should be interested in, and you may see it as a new invention, but in reality it has been around for many many years in the form of solar calculators.

These portable solar calculators have a low efficiency rate unlike the portable solar panel chargers you can purchase from today’s market.

The use of portable solar power can be vital to some communities living in remote locations where power lines may not be able to reach.

Another great portable power device suited for this situation is a wind turbine, however wind turbines can be quite noisy, unlike solar panels which generate power silently.