Solar Powered Fountains

Some very beautiful solar powered fountains are available on the market today, and these are a great way to introduce new features to your garden without the use of additional electricity from the mains power supply.

The main advantage of solar powered garden fountains is the ability to leave them switched on constantly, without worrying about how much electricity they are using.

Regular water fountain pumps can consume substantial amounts of power from your electricity mains, when used for long periods of time, so a solar garden fountain is a great alternative to a mains powered solar fountain for your garden.

For the more experienced gardeners and general DIY fanatics, you may be interested in building your very own water fountain powered by the sun.

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Powering a garden fountain can be quite tricky in many situations as the running of underground cable can be quite expensive, and the laying of overground cable can look messy and be unsafe.

This is another great advantage of using solar energy to power your water fountain.

Solar fountains can be used all year round, as long as the temperature in your garden does not drop below freezing.

It is advisable to power your solar fountain off and place it indoors during the winter months, just as a precaution.

A fountain powered by solar energy works on the same principle of a solar cell collecting energy, which will then power your water fountain pump.

This is very similar to a regular, mains powered fountain, only you have the ease and the portability, along with the use of renewable energy in the process.

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