Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are devices that are capable of converting kinetic energy from the wind into electricity. Varying sizes of turbines can be placed on land or at sea in order to generate significant quantities of electricity. You can even generate electricity at home with the help of domestic wind turbines.

In this section you’ll find various articles covering the different topics of wind turbines.


Residential Wind Turbines

If you’re interested in domestic wind power systems then this article is for you. It explores many of the different aspects associated with residential wind turbines.

Two wind turbines fitted to the roof of a house.

Small Wind Turbines

Find out how small wind turbines can be ideal in specific circumstances such as for electricity generation in remote locations.

A small wind turbine in a remote location.

Wind Turbines At Sea

Find our how wind turbines at sea, or “off-shore” wind farms can generate significantly large amounts of electricity compared with on-shore rivals.

A collection of wind turbines at sea.

How Wind Turbines Work

Wind turbines are a familiar sight in many countries across the globe, but have you ever wondered how a wind turbine actually works? This article will help you understand just that.

How wind turbines work.