Small Wind Turbines

Before purchasing small wind turbines for your home or business, you should consider the surrounding environment of the placement location, and if it meets the requirements for a wind turbine installation to be cost effective and efficient.

Wind speeds vary a great deal, depending on your surroundings. For example, if you live in an estate (collection of compact houses), the power from the wind is usually weaker than in the middle of a field in the countryside.

If you live in the countryside, and are surrounded by many fields and open spaces, then the average wind speed approaching your home may be more powerful than inner town or city locations.

Another factor to consider is the way the land around you lies.

If there are any large hills or mountains close by, then the placement of wind turbines may not be your best option.

Wind turbines require a substantial wind speed to generate electricity efficiently. The faster the wind, the more output in watts you can generate (but you cannot go over your turbines capacity.)

If there is a forest or collection of trees nearby, then you may decide to opt for a different means of renewable energy such as solar, or geothermal power due to a possible poor wind speed.

Before purchasing any turbines, you should consider researching and maybe even hiring a professional to do a survey on the surrounding area, to determine if a wind turbine would be economically viable in your surrounding area.

If the surrounding area is fit to generate power from the wind, you may wish to go and purchase a wind turbine (like the one below), and choose where you plan to install it.

Many people suggest attaching small home turbines on a pole in a well exposed area, to harness the majority of the winds force.

Once installed in an open space, above any large objects, make sure your turbine is facing the most common wind direction. Some wind turbines are able to adjust themselves to face the position of the wind.

It is important that you receive expert advice when planning to purchase a wind turbine, as some may not be suitable for your requirements. A wind turbine supplier may be able to help you with this process.

An electrician may be able to hook the turbine up to your power supply to provide your home with an extra boost in electricity, reducing the amount of power you use from your electricity provider.

Wind turbine placement is one of the key factors as to whether or not your project will be efficient.

Some people combine wind energy technologies with solar, and/or geothermal energy systems in a bid to provide a greater level of efficiency in various scenarios.

It is advisable that you always consult a renewable energy professional installation firm before any project goes ahead. Look out for no obligation, free quotes, as these could be of use to you.