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Latest From Solar

A solar panel being used to provide power in a garden.

What Are Solar Panels Used For?

Solar panels can be used to produce electricity that can be used in a variety of ways. This article takes a look at what solar panels are actually used for.

Latest From Wind

Two wind turbines fitted to the roof of a house.

Residential Wind Turbines

If you’re interested in domestic wind power systems then this article is for you. It explores many of the different aspects associated with residential wind turbines.

Latest From Geothermal

Latest From Recycling

A collection of widely used recycling symbols.

Recycling Symbols

Confused about the many different recycling symbols used today? Find out what these symbols actually mean and the types of products they identify.

Latest From Climate Change

A chimney polluting the air which can be a cause of global warming.

What Is Global Warming

Discover what global warming actually is and how this phenomena has occurred including the consequences it may have.

Latest From Energy

A picture showing a power outlet with leaves representing energy conservation.

Why Energy Conservation Is Important

Already know what energy conservation is but need to know why this process is important? This article contains all the answers you need.

Latest From Water

The Kerr hydroelectric dam in Montana, USA.

Hydroelectricity Facts

This article provides some interesting information and facts on hydroelectricity which is a very clean and highly efficient source of power.