Energy Definitions

Do you know your photovoltaic from your biofuel? If not, this section might come in handy! There are many different terms used in the energy industry today, some which are complex and some that aren’t.

You can browse the energy dictionary to find definitions on a wide variety of energy related terms.


Biomass Definition

Biomass is new to many people. Why not take a look at the definition of Biomass which includes additional information on what Biomass actually is.

A field of corn depicting what biomass is.

Biofuel Definition

Find out how the definition of biofuel differs from the definition of biomass. You’ll also find some additional information on biofuel.

A crop of corn that could be used for making biofuel.

Photovoltaics Definition

You may not have heard the term photovoltaics before. If not, this article could be of use as it provides a definition and explanation of photovoltaics.

Buildings with photovoltaic panels installed.

Solar Panel Definition

Ever wondered what a solar panel actually is? This article looks at the definition of solar panel whilst providing some additional information.

Three solar cells that would make up a solar panel.

Recycling Definition

If you’re looking for a definition of recycling then this article is for you. It also features some general information on the topic.

A recycling bin.