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Ways to Prevent Global Warming

There are many ways to prevent global warming on a more intense scale. Although we can’t prevent global warming completely, we are able to perform a range of actions which may help to reduce the intensity of the future effects of global warming.

Although major action needs to be taken against large industrial and transportation processes (such as energy production and aviation), there are many ways to prevent global warming on a smaller scale. If simple guidelines are followed by a large percentage of the earth’s population then the combined effect could be highly positive on reducing the effects of global warming.

Methods that can be taken to try and prevent global warming effects are split up into different categories below.


  • Use transportation only when needed, try walking short journeys or using a bicycle more frequently.
  • Share transportation and make use of car-pooling where possible. Some towns/cities have dedicated lanes for people who car pool which could help to reduce your journey time.
  • Drive sensibly in the correct gear to help and reduce fuel usage. You can also ensure all windows are shut on warm days if you have air conditioning as open windows prevent a significant increase in drag and will increase fuel usage quite considerably.
  • Make sure the tire pressure of your vehicle is set to the recommended level, this will help to reduce the amount of fuel needed for a journey. Also make sure heavy items which are not needed are removed from your vehicle, check your boot for any items you may have overlooked.
  • See if your family or close friends need any items when you go shopping, this can help to reduce the level of transportation journeys.
  • Consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle when looking for a new car. This can help to prevent the future effects of global warming.


  • You can recycle appropriate items to help and reduce energy consumption on the manufacturing of new products.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate wall/roof insulation and window/door products on your house. This can not only reduce the energy needed to heat a home, but could also save you money over the coming years due to lower electricity/heating bills.
  • Make use of energy efficient light bulbs which will reduce the amount of energy required to light a room. Energy efficient light bulbs usually last much longer and could save you money in the long-run over traditional light bulbs.
  • When purchasing new electrical items for your home such as washing machines, refrigerators or computers, consider energy efficient rated products.
  • One of the easiest methods to prevent global warming in the future is to ensure all appliances are turned off when not in use and not needed. Many devices contain lights which are lit whenever the power is turned on to the device, even if not in use.
  • When purchasing groceries, try to look for local produce. This local produce may have had a much shorter distance to travel to your refrigerator than other available alternatives.
  • Consider purchasing solar panel or other renewable energy systems to provide a proportion of your electricity or hot water.


There are many ways to prevent global warming in the future and many of these are listed above. The main ingredient is to reduce our energy consumption in any way possible. The less energy we use, the less energy needs to be produced from fossil fuel resources.