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Author - James Bratley

As the founder of Clean Energy Ideas, James launched his website in early 2007 with a view to sharing educational information on solar, wind and geothermal energy sources.

Since the launch of Clean Energy Ideas, James has been busy expanding the site by writing content on new topics including recycling and global warming. James plans to introduce additional topics over the coming years to further enhance the reach of the site.


The Three Gorges Dam in China, the world's largest hydroelectric dam.

The Three Gorges Dam Project

An interesting look at the Three Gorges Dam project in China which sits on the Yangtze River and is the world’s largest hydroelectric dam in terms of annual electricity generation.

Somebody installing a solar panel.

How Solar Panels Work

Find out how solar panels work to convert sunlight into electricity with the help of the photovoltaic (solar PV) process.

A factory line where solar panels are made.

How Solar Panels Are Made

Ever wondered how solar panels are made? This article takes a look at the entire process from manufacturing the components to the assembly of the panel.

A solar panel being used to provide power in a garden.

What Are Solar Panels Used For?

Solar panels allow us to generate electricity which we can then use in a variety of ways. This article helps to explain the different ways in which we can make use of solar panels.

A diagram of a solar panel.

Solar Panel Diagram

If you’ve ever wondered how a solar panel works, why not take a look at our solar panel diagram. The diagram shows the process of converting solar energy to electricity.

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