Cheap Gas & Electricity

There are several steps you can take to lower your energy bills and/or receive cheaper or cheap gas and electricity for your home or business. A number of these steps are specifically related to energy conservation and how we can use less gas or electricity from our energy suppliers.

Switching Gas & Electricity Suppliers

The first step in reducing your energy bills should be to use a free comparison service that should be able to tell you if you’re currently receiving a fair deal. This method can greatly reduce the time involved in you doing it manually by going from supplier to supplier. All you do is enter some personal details including what you currently pay for your gas and/or electricity and the comparison site will compile a list of all the major energy suppliers including how much you could save with each.

Once you’re happy that you’ve found a cheaper energy supplier, it’s time to switch suppliers. Be sure to check the small print of your contract to see if there will be any termination fees. Also be sure to thoroughly check the transfer procedure with both companies as you don’t want your current supply cut off during the switchover. Many energy companies make it easy for you to switch but you should consult both your current and future supplier for full details.

We strongly suggest that if you’re looking to reduce your gas and electricity prices that you take a look at a similar website applicable to your country and see how much you could save.

Lower Your Gas & Electricity Bills

Now we shall look at the alternative ways in which we can save money on home energy bills not relating to switching to cheaper gas and/or electricity providers. For more detailed information on the following topics then you may wish to take a look at our how to conserve energy page as you may find this useful if you’re serious about reducing your energy bills whilst at the same time helping the environment.

Using gas or electricity for heating our homes and businesses doesn’t come cheap. It is advised that you turn your thermostats down by just one degree to make a saving on home energy bills. Be sure to check the temperature of your home is of a level that will still keep you warm and reduce the possibility of illnesses related to living in the cold.

Another method of receiving cheap gas and electricity bills is to switch off appliances when not in use. You should always ensure that you unplug mobile phone chargers when not in use and switch off lights as both of these can consume significant levels of energy. We also advise that you look into replacing older light bulbs with more modern, energy saving bulbs to help lower your energy consumption and energy bills.

If you’re in a financial position to invest in alternative energy technologies that will help to reduce your dependence on your gas and electricity supplier whilst providing cheap, clean and renewable power for your home then you may be interested in the installation of either solar panels, or wind turbines. These devices make use of renewable energy sources that are the perfect alternative to the energy supplied by gas or electricity companies.