Recyclable Products

Nowadays, there are many different waste streams that can be recycled. Recyclable materials (such as paper, plastics, glass and metals) are often disposed of in the incorrect manner, resulting in lots of recyclable products ending up in landfill when they could have been used to manufacture new products instead.

In this section, we aim to raise awareness of the different products that can be recycled. As not every country or region will have the necessary recycling facilities, we always suggest that you check with your local authority for further information and advice when it comes to recycling.


Paper Recycling

Discover how paper is recycled and how this process can help to reduce the impact that deforestation is having across the globe.

A piece of paper that could be recycled.

Plastic Recycling

Find out how plastic can be recycled and view the many resin identification codes used widely to identify recyclable plastics.

A plastic bottle that could be recycled.

Tire Recycling

Tire recycling is an important process that helps keep our environment clean, tidy and free from potentially toxic waste.

A stack of tires that could be recycled.