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Home Solar Energy Systems

A solar energy system installed to a home.

Solar energy can be used in a variety of ways in order to benefit our homes. With the right choice of home solar energy system, you’ll be able to generate a source of clean and renewable electricity or a source of hot water for your home.

In this article we take a look at the different solar energy systems available for your home.

Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems for the home are becoming increasingly popular in many countries across the globe as homeowners look for ways to reduce their energy bills whilst being kind to the environment.

Although solar power systems are often costly to install, they have the potential to not only return on their investment, but to save you significant amounts of money in future years. Although this all depends on a variety of factors including location, many homeowners have been able to save significant amounts of money over the lifetime of their installations. As the efficiency of solar power technologies increases year on year, so does the possibility of being able to make money from a home solar power installation.

Some homeowners have the ability to sell any excess electricity they produce back to the grid. This can help smaller household’s that have a high capacity solar power system sell on large quantities of electricity that would otherwise go unused.

Solar Hot Water Systems

In more recent years, some homeowners have been opting to install solar hot water systems to their homes. This can save a household significant amounts of money through reduced energy bills associated with the heating of their hot water.

A solar hot water system has a similar appearance to that of a solar power system however it often requires additional plumbing work and the installation of a storage tank to the inside of the home. For this reason, most homeowners opt for a solar power system instead.

Solar hot water systems are unable to sell their produce back to the grid unlike a solar power system. Although this may be seen as a disadvantage, hot water generated by solar energy can be stored in tanks for use at a later time, thus helping to reduce wastage.

Combined Systems

Some homeowners have seen positive results from the installation both a solar power and solar hot water system to their home. This provides the best of both worlds, helping to almost eliminate the need for external energy sources.

Should you wish to look into the options available to you and your home, you should consult a reputable renewable energy systems installer in your area for advice.