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Solar energy is the radiant energy emitted by the sun on a continuous basis. This form of energy helps to keep us alive in numerous ways from warming our planet to helping to grow the food we eat. With the help of renewable energy technologies (such as solar panels), we can also harness solar activity in order to provide heating or generate electricity.

In this section you’ll find a variety of articles surrounding topics related to solar energy in general, solar hot water, solar panels and solar power.

Solar roof tiles blending in with existing roof slates.

Solar Roof Shingles vs Solar Panels

Take a look at the major differences between solar roof shingles and solar panels to determine if one is better than the other.

A solar panel being used to provide power in a garden.

What Are Solar Panels Used For?

Solar panels can be used to produce electricity that can be used in a variety of ways. This article takes a look at what solar panels are actually used for.

An image showing the best placement of a solar panel.

What’s The Best Placement of Solar Panels?

Where you place your solar panels can have a significant effect on their efficiency. Learn about how you can determine the best placement for your solar panels.

A solar hot water heating system installed to a house.

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

Have you ever wondered what solar hot water heating systems can mean for your home? This article provides a deeper look at these systems in general.

Solar roof tiles blending in with existing roof slates.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar panels have come a long way since they were first introduced. Take a look at how manufacturers can now produce solar roof tiles that can be incorporated into the design of a building.

This pool could be heated by a home-made solar pool heater.

Homemade Solar Pool Heaters

Find out how a homemade solar pool heater can provide a low-cost means of heating your swimming pool all year round.

Two solar panels producing a hot water supply.

Hot Water Solar Panels

Discover how we can heat water from solar energy via the use of a hot water solar panel.

A sunset in India showing solar energy.

Solar Energy In India

Find out how India is embracing the use of solar energy in order to become a world leader in renewable energy consumption.