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Wind energy facts.

Wind Energy Facts

Learn about the many different facts surrounding wind energy and how we can use this to generate electricity.

Indian flags blowing in the wind.

Wind Energy In India

Discover how India is embracing wind energy in order to provide power to citizens across the country.

A small wind turbine in a remote location.

Small Wind Turbines

Find out how small wind turbines can be ideal in specific circumstances such as for electricity generation in remote locations.

A vertical axis wind turbine in Canada.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

A look at the unique design of a vertical axis wind turbine. Discover how this design differs from that of a horizontal axis wind turbine.

A collection of wind turbines at sea.

Wind Turbines At Sea

Find our how wind turbines at sea, or “off-shore” wind farms can generate significantly large amounts of electricity compared with on-shore rivals.

A collection of wind turbines making an impact on the environment.

The Impacts of Wind Turbines

Discover the many different impacts a wind turbine can have on the surrounding environment including the impacts on local residents and wildlife.

A kite that is using the wind's energy to fly.

The Uses of Wind Energy

Learn about the different uses of wind energy and how we have benefited from wind as an energy source for a very long time.

How wind turbines work.

How Wind Turbines Work

Wind turbines are a familiar sight in many countries across the globe, but have you ever wondered how a wind turbine actually works? This article will help you understand just that.

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